A partnership approach to foster care

Foster Care Partnerships, an associate of London Care Solutions, lives up to its name by treating all those involved in every foster care placement as true partners – valuing their input, giving support and keeping them informed.


Our diverse foster parents

Our partnership approach helps to make fostering an option for a wider range of carers, to assist bridging the gap between the current carer shortage and rising demand from local authorities. Those wanting to be foster parents are given maximum help towards a socially and financially rewarding future in fostering, with strong support as they go along.

More foster parents are needed in many areas around London, and we need as much variety among them as there is among the children and young people we help. So, we make our selection and training as open and inclusive as possible. Our foster parents receive good practical and financial support during every foster care placement, however long or short.

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Our local authority partners

Based on London Care Solutions' experience of working with local authorities and young people since 1999, Foster Care Partnerships aims to open the door to fostering for a wider pool of people – well suited to the task but maybe not previously aware of the opportunities. We see adding breadth to the carer pool as helpful in dealing with the overall shortfall in numbers and improving compatibility in foster care placements.

Foster Care Partnerships is Ofsted registered and, as established care service providers, our team naturally have the appropriate expertise and credentials that local authorities require. All our relevant official assessments and approvals are open to scrutiny by local authorities as are details of our fostering panel and insurance cover. Our selection, training and support for carers and our quality control are designed to ensure the highest standards of care.

Call us on 0844 844 9900 to find out more.