About Foster Care Partnerships

It is only natural for anyone thinking about foster care responsibilities for the first time to feel that their knowledge of things does not match that of people at the local authority. At Foster Care Partnerships, we believe that this should not make the foster parent the junior party. On the contrary, the foster parent is vital in making sure that the daily needs of the child are always met.

As well as being in many ways the link between them, we regard foster parents and local authorities as equal partners with us in a social enterprise. One aspect of our work is to help would-be carers to find out whether foster caring is something that would suit them, fitting in with their home and family life as well as enriching their household socially and paying allowances to cover the costs involved.

We can offer our foster parents a range of possible fostering arrangements, which may vary in timescale and in the demands and challenges they present. Working closely with local authorities and the fostering panel to match foster parents to the most suitable placements is key. Then, supporting foster parents in every way becomes a major priority for us.

So, for the carers and local authorities we work with, the relationship with FCP is a lasting partnership intended to achieve these three important things: provide high quality foster care for the child or young person; enable the local authority to meet its care responsibilities within budget; and provide a fulfilling home-based role for caring people – people just like you?