Foster parents' fees & allowances

We at Foster Care Partnerships, local authorities and wider society know that the work done by foster parents is vital. This is shown by the way in which we at FCP make sure that our foster parents receive various fees and allowances to cover the foster child's needs and everything involved in looking after them. Even the taxman recognises carers' value by granting 'foster care relief' on income from FCP – and the income does not affect state benefit claims under present rules (correct as at 16th September 2011).

There are, of course, allowances to cover the child's basic needs, by which we mean food and clothing. We know that providing good healthy meals for a growing child can be expensive and that clothes can be worn out or outgrown quite quickly, so we make sure that allowances are adequate to meet this added cost to the household budget.

Almost certainly, heating and lighting use will rise, so again we help with this through the allowances paid to foster parents. You may also be making extra journeys to do with your fostering work, whether to meetings with foster care partners or travel with the foster child to see friends and family or on a trip to the seaside. These costs can mount up and you should not be left out-of-pocket.

Allowances and fees for each foster care placement may vary according to its type. Some placements may involve extra costs that need to be covered. In any event, you may be sure of a payment basis that takes proper account of everything involved in any particular placement.