Training & support for foster parents

There is no reason why anyone with sound parenting skills should not be able to reach the standards that Foster Care Partnerships and our local authority partners are required to meet in the interests of the child. Children in foster care have all the same needs as any others of similar age within the family, but their circumstances may create extra challenges.

Beyond the initial assessment of carers, we have to be able to show that the right standards are in place and that foster parents are aware of all requirements affecting children for whom the local authority has become responsible. We aim to prepare all foster parents for the probable needs of a foster child, whilst also being there in the event of unexpected situations.

It is FCP policy to respond fully to local authority requirements in preparing carers for their foster parenting role and keeping in touch with their progress. To achieve this, we ensure that the foster parents we have chosen get all the training and support they need to meet the requirements as well as to enable them to handle situations that may arise during a placement.

Training and support are, of course, ongoing and if we observe possible gaps or problems at any time, the issues will be raised in a friendly way with the foster parent and almost certainly sorted out with further training and support, without any break in the placement.