What it takes to be a foster parent

You may be thinking that the work of a foster parent, being home-based and probably fitting well with your daily life, would be ideal from your point of view but you may also wonder if you have what local authorities need when choosing people. If you are having these thoughts, you are already showing that you meet two of the key needs – a suitable home environment and a belief that fostering is a major commitment. So, please read on.

Foster care needs arise in various situations, in all communities within cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas. Children and young people who need foster care come from all social and ethnic backgrounds, so local authorities need equally varied teams of foster parents to meet the demand in their areas. Some placements may be short term; others may be likely to run for much longer.

When would-be foster parents are assessed, the hope always is to include them if possible, not to exclude them. Certain precautions, such as employer and personal references and a Criminal Records Bureau check, have to be taken to make sure that fostering is never an easy route of access to children by people with bad intentions. Such checks apply equally to all carers and should never be seen as a personal insult.

What this all means is that, if you are ready to take on the responsibility and commitment of looking after the constant everyday needs of a child or young person within stable home surroundings and with their own bedroom, your enquiry through this website could soon lead to your first foster care placement – with support from Foster Care Partnerships at every stage. We shall also be pleased to hear from experienced carers.